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The Present Buildings - Littleton Building


Pegasus over Niblett Hall door.
Pegasus over Niblett Hall door.

The Littleton Building stands on the site of the former Niblett Hall. The main part of the building is occupied by a set of chambers and the basement houses the Library's non-law collections

The original building, Niblett Hall, was erected in 1932 out of a legacy from William Charles Niblett of Singapore, barrister of the Inn, as a lecture-room and meeting-place. The architect was Sydney Tatchell. It stood on the site of the Alienation Office Garden, named from the Office of Compositions for Alienations (established in 1577); at the end of the seventeenth century this became the Benchers' Garden, laid out in the Dutch style with tulips, orange trees in tubs, and a fountain. After the destruction of the main hall in the Blitz, the Niblett Hall served for fourteen years as a substitute. It was demolished in 1992 to make way for the Littleton Building.

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