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Access to the Library

The Inner Temple car park has a number of disabled parking bays. Parking is free for Blue Badge holders, but visitors should contact the Treasury Office in advance, so that a Temple parking permit can be left at Tudor Street Gatehouse for them to collect. The Treasury Office telephone number is 020 7797 8250.

There is flat wheelchair access to the temporary library building. The Library is on the 5th floor and access is via a lift (which will accommodate a wheelchair). There is a disabled lavatory on the 5th floor.

Staff at the Enquiry Point will be happy to help users if they require material from high shelves or if they need help with equipment or software.


Photocopiers are located near the Enquiry Point on the 5th floor. Library staff are happy to provide assistance in operating the photocopiers.


Height-Adjustable Table

The Library has a height-adjustable table that will allow wheelchair users or those with back problems to adjust their working position simply and easily.

Print Magnifier

A Merlin video magnifier, which can be used to magnify material from the print collections, is available. This has a 19 inch monitor and has a wide range of adjustable magnification (from x2.4 to x77). It also has options for changing contrast and colours to suit different vision needs.

Large Screen Monitors

All of the public access PCs have large screen monitors.

Large Print Keyboard

A large-print keyboard with high-contrast letters is available for partially sighted users. The letters are twice the size of those on a standard keyboard. The keyboard can be requested from the Enquiry Point.


Headphones for use with screen reading software are available at the Enquiry Point.

Hearing Induction Loop

The Library Enquiry Point is equipped with a hearing induction loop.


JAWS Screen Reading Software

This software, which is installed on two large-screen PCs, is designed to assist visually impaired users to access all Windows applications and websites.

Windows 7

This is installed on all the Library PCs. It has a built-in magnifier which will enlarge a section of the screen. The magnification rate can be adjusted to suit individual needs. To use this feature click on Magnifier on the desktop. To change the screen resolution, click on Screen Resolution on the desktop.

Adobe Acrobat

This is installed on all Library PCs, and will read out most, though not all, PDF files (JAWS does not work with PDFs). Adobe Acrobat can also magnify PDFs.

Firefox Web Browser

Firefox is the default web browser on all the Library PCs.

Text-Only Version of the Library’s Home Page

A text-only version of the Library’s home page is available on the desktop of the large-screen PCs. This version of the home page will work more effectively with screen reading software.


If you wish to discuss your requirements in advance or if you need advice about using the Library or our equipment and software, enquiries may be made to Tracey Dennis.


Tel: 020 7797 8217.