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Temporary Arrangements for Wheelchair Users

The Inner Temple is currently undertaking a major building project and the Library has moved to a temporary location on the fifth floor of an office building at 10 Fetter Lane. As the lifts in the building are not fireproof and there would be difficulty in negotiating an evac chair down five flights of stairs we are implementing the following policy for members who are wheelchair users as a temporary measure.

  • In the event of a fire, library staff are unfortunately not able to assist with evac chairs
  • We apologise for this inconvenience
  • People who cannot walk down the stairs use the library at their own risk
  • This is a temporary situation and we look forward to our enhanced disabled access when Project Pegasus is complete and we return to the Inner Temple in autumn 2021
  • In the meantime, wheelchair users may use Middle Temple Library
  • Inner Temple librarians are happy to assist in finding information and loaning books for use at Middle Temple and can be contacted on 020 7797 8217 or
  • Please contact Tracey Dennis on 020 7797 8248 for further information


Photocopiers are located near the Enquiry Point on the 5th floor. Library staff are happy to provide assistance in operating the photocopiers.


Height-Adjustable Table

The Library has a height-adjustable table that will allow wheelchair users or those with back problems to adjust their working position simply and easily.

Print Magnifier

A Merlin video magnifier, which can be used to magnify material from the print collections, is available. This has a 19 inch monitor and has a wide range of adjustable magnification (from x2.4 to x77). It also has options for changing contrast and colours to suit different vision needs.

Large Screen Monitors

All of the public access PCs have large screen monitors.

Large Print Keyboard

A large-print keyboard with high-contrast letters is available for partially sighted users. The letters are twice the size of those on a standard keyboard. The keyboard can be requested from the Enquiry Point.


Headphones for use with screen reading software are available at the Enquiry Point.

Hearing Induction Loop

The Library Enquiry Point is equipped with a hearing induction loop.


JAWS Screen Reading Software

This software, which is installed on two large-screen PCs, is designed to assist visually impaired users to access all Windows applications and websites.

Windows 10

All the Library PCs are running Windows 10. Open the Accessibility folder on the desktop to access various tools, including the built-in Magnifier, the Windows Narrator and the On-Screen Keyboard.

Adobe Acrobat

This is installed on all Library PCs, and will read out most, though not all, PDF files. Adobe Acrobat can also magnify PDFs.

Firefox Web Browser

Firefox is the default web browser on all the Library PCs.


If you wish to discuss your requirements in advance or if you need advice about using the Library or our equipment and software, enquiries may be made to Tracey Dennis.


Tel: 020 7797 8217.