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General Information

The Inner Temple Library will supply scans, subject to the provisions of the law of copyright (the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Research, Education, Libraries and Archives) Regulations 2014), to barrister members of all four Inns.

Enquiries may be made by email:

Each request must be accompanied by a completed Inner Temple Library photocopy application form for judicial proceedings or research. Application forms for private research must bear the signature of the ultimate user of the requested material.

We will endeavour to provide a same-day service for requests received before 4.00pm. Please note that it may not be possible to supply documents on the same day if a request is exceptionally large (in terms of the number of pages or items) or if we need to contact you for clarification.

Response will be by scan/email.

Copyright Restrictions

The current legislation allows copies to be taken only:
(a) for the purpose of specific judicial proceedings existing at the time that the copies are made; or
(b) for researchers or students requiring copies for their own personal research for a non-commercial purpose or private study on the understanding that one copy only will be made of one extract from any one work; and such copy is to be solely for the use of the member requesting it, who shall retain it in his/her possession.

Photocopying of books is restricted to not more than 10% of the whole up to the maximum of 4000 words, and of journals to a single article from any one issue.