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Project Pegasus Update

The Inn has submitted a planning application for temporary structures, one in the Garden (to accommodate a temporary Hall and Treasury Building) and another in the Car Park (to accommodate a temporary Library and Offices building) to the City of London’s Planning Department. The application will be considered by the City’s Planning Committee at its September meeting.

It is planned that the Executive Committee will consider Project Pegasus and make its recommendation on the Project in October. Governing Benchers would discuss and vote on whether the project should proceed in its present form at a Bench Table meeting in December.

The Project allows for the creation of a third and fourth floor in the Treasury Building to house an education centre with training rooms, an auditorium and offices.

The current plans preserve the use of seven of the existing rooms (Rooms A-G) on the main floor of the Library but not the Library Gallery (which becomes part of the new third floor) or Rooms H (Textbooks) and J (Legislation). A book storage room in the basement will be provided to house some of the material displaced from the Gallery. Some of the remaining books will be rehoused in the basement of the Littleton Building (3 King’s Bench Walk North).