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Temporary Library FAQs

Here is a selection of the questions we have been asked about the temporary Library at 10 Fetter Lane.

NB: The answer to all these questions is YES.

  • Are the same current textbooks, law reports and journals available as before?
  • Is the enquiry service still available?
  • Is the current Commonwealth collection available?
  • Is there the same access to subscription databases such as Lexis and Westlaw as before?
  • Can I print from the databases?
  • Will my existing photocopying/scanning account still work?
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?
  • Are you continuing to provide a document supply service?
  • Can I borrow books overnight, as a barrister?
  • Is the Library open in the evenings? (Monday to Thursday open until 8pm, and 7pm on Friday.)
  • Are you still participating in the Saturday opening rota with the other Inns?
  • Can non-current material be retrieved from the Littleton Basement? (NB the old editions that were formerly housed in the Gallery are on open access at 10 Fetter Lane.)
  • Does the temporary library provide a quiet working space?
  • Does the library have reader places? (There are 24 reader places at single, two-seater and four-seater tables, as you prefer.)
  • Are your legal research training sessions continuing?