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Temporary Library – Users’ Views

“The temporary library is a wonderful place to work. There is tons of room, so you can spread your papers far and wide; the library is flooded with natural light; and most importantly it is beautifully quiet. Also, if you find yourself lost in the maze of books, or stuck with a difficult legal problem, the library staff are always on hand to save the day.” Student

“Excellent space, light, bright and quiet. All the books I need also.” Out of London Student

“The temporary library is a superb place to work: absolutely quiet, airy, temperature controlled, plenty of table space; and well stocked with text-books, law reports, photocopying and digital facilities. I know: I have worked there three times already.” Inner Temple Bencher

“Very grateful to you for maintaining access to Singapore case law.” Barrister

“Looking for a text I found my quarry with no trouble at all and of course with the assistance of kindly staff that I am glad to see remain despite the recent seismic changes. The library is fine; cleverly laid out and comfortable (in terms of ambient temperature and light quality). … I shall certainly avail of its amenities from hereon in …” Barrister

“…Thank you for having the old textbooks available in the temporary library…” Barrister

“…You’ve decamped in style  I must say! It is a privilege to use the Library once again. It is funny how many things you have kept the same: e.g. current awareness, odd table here and there. What an institution you are!” Barrister

“Excellent librarians, extremely grateful for the assistance.” Student

“An invaluable facility.”  QC

“Wonderful to be able to use my Library albeit pared down – well done to library staff for putting this together so beautifully!” IT Bencher

“This is a very comfortable and well-run space.” QC

“Not expecting it to be this comprehensive resource-wise.” Barrister