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Bahamas Law Reports

Full text decisions of the Bahamas Court of Appeal and the Bahamas Supreme Court from January 1982 to the present. Also included are full text decisions of Bahamian cases that have been referred to the Privy Council. Available via Lexis+.

Bermuda Law Reports

Official law reports for Bermuda, comprising considered judgments of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal for Bermuda. Coverage is from 1986 onwards. Available on vLexJustis.

Bloomsbury Professional Online

Provides full text access to over 200 textbooks, loose-leafs and journals in over 26 practice areas including company and commercial, employment, environment, family, immigration, personal injury, property and Scots law. Key titles include: Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice; Lewis and Buchan: Clinical Negligence; Mason’s Forensic Medicine for Lawyers and Flenley on Solicitors’ Negligence and Liability.

British Virgin Islands Cases

Judgments from the Higher Civil and Criminal Courts of the BVI and the Court of Appeal with exact replica pdf versions of the cases. Coverage is from 1994 onwards. Available on vLexJustis.

Cayman Islands Law Reports

Includes nearly 2,000 Reports and Notes from the higher civil and criminal courts of the Cayman Islands 1952 onwards, plus a collection of unreported judgments from the Grand Court and Cayman Islands Court of Appeal 1989 onwards. Available on vLexJustis.

Criminal Law Week

Provides a weekly update of developments in criminal law, available each Friday and has an archive January 1997 onwards. Digests cases and comments from 12 series of law reports and 14 series of summary reports and journals, and all relevant legislative developments.

Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Reports

Full text decisions of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal and the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court from 1995 to the present with archive judgments being added (in due course). Also included are full text decisions of Eastern Caribbean cases that have been referred to the Privy Council. Available via Lexis+.

Electronic Immigration Network

The Members’ section provides access to databases that contain case law, country of origin reports, legislation and general immigration resources. The case law database contains immigration and asylum-related decisions from the Tribunal up to the European Court of Human Rights. Also available is the ability to compile and create court bundles. The public site gives access to general news and updates on immigration.


The Inner Temple Library has the core UK collection. This includes: the Law Journal Library; English Reports; Legal Classics Library and Legal Dictionaries. Within the Law Journal Library are items such as Law Journal Reports and Law Times. The database has PDF originals of all content available via the library subscription.

ICLR Online

ICLR Online consists of The Law Reports, The Weekly Law Reports, The Industrial Cases Reports, The Business Law Reports, and the Public and Third Sector Law Reports, plus the ICLR’s Consolidated Index.


Online access to the titles that the Library subscribes to in hard copy. Law Reports: Building Law Reports, Lloyd’s Law Reports, Lloyd’s Law Reports: Insurance and Reinsurance and Medical Law Reports; Looseleafs: Arbitration Law, Clarke: Law of Insurance Contracts and Professional Negligence and Liability.

Jamaica Cases

Full text judgments from the Jamaican Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Revenue Court with exact replica pdf versions of the cases. Coverage is from 1999 onwards. Available on vLexJustis.

Kemp on Lawtel

Provides access to Kemp commentary and over 10,000 Quantum Reports. Also has several practice tools including calculators and tables and an application which helps to simplify the completion of a Schedule of Damages.

Laws of Mauritius

Revised and consolidated edition of Mauritian primary legislation (incorporating the Code Civil Mauricien) as authorised by the Government of Mauritius.


Lexis+ is an integrated platform that combines LexisLibrary and LexisPSL content. The Legal Research section includes: full text of the ICLR’s Law Reports; the English Reports; full text of case reports from over 40 series of law reports including the All England Law Reports and Industrial Relations Law Reports; transcripts of all cases from the Supreme Court and the House of Lords, Privy Council and Court of Appeal (Civil Division) 1980 onwards, of the Administrative Court 1983 onwards, and of selected cases from other divisions of the High Court; an electronic version of Halsbury’s Laws of England; Is It In Force?; full and amended text of all UK Statutes and SIs that are in force; Church Measures 1920 onwards; Scottish Acts and SIs both 1999 onwards; Measures & Acts of the Welsh Assembly; full text of over 80 legal journals; access to legislation and case law from the EU and from several Commonwealth jurisdictions; an electronic version of Atkin’s Court Forms and the Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents; Commentary Sources; and content from a range of UK newspapers. The Practical Guidance section provides access to online know-how resources including practice notes, precedent documents, news and key resources.

Practical Law

Provides access to online know-how resources including practice notes, legal updates, standard documents, checklists and multi-jurisdictional guides which include information on the law and regulation in many jurisdictions.

The Times Digital Archive 1785-2019

The Times Digital Archive is an online, full-text facsimile of more than 200 years of The Times. To access The Sunday Times, please use Lexis Library.


UK Case Law: England and Wales Judgments Court of Appeal (Civil Division) 1951 onwards, (Criminal Division) 1963-1989, 1993 onwards, The Times Law Reports 1990 onwards. UK Legislation: Full text databases covering UK Statutes and SIs. The coverage of the Statutes is from Magna Carta to the present. All repealed Acts are included. Acts are presented as enacted with links to amended and amending legislation via the “amendments” and “amended by” buttons. Includes Local Acts 1797 onwards. SIs are covered from 1949 onwards, and earlier subsidiary legislation is as published in Statutory Rules and Orders and Statutory Instruments Revised to 31 December 1948. Includes Church Measures 1920 onwards; also all Acts and Measures created by the devolved Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly and Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly; and Scottish and Welsh SIs 1999 onwards. Caribbean Case Law: Bermuda Law Reports 1986 onwards, BVI Cases 1994 onwards, and Jamaica Cases 1999 onwards as well as cases from many other Caribbean jurisdictions. vLexJustis has a SourceLink option which allows users to locate content on other sources such as Lexis+ and Westlaw.

West Indian Reports

Provides access to the West Indian Law Reports volume 1 onwards. Available via Lexis+. 

Westlaw Canada

Contains case law and legislation as well as court documents, legal memoranda, and treatises. Searching for cases can be done by jurisdiction or topic; and for legislation by statutes, regulations or rules by jurisdiction.

Westlaw UK

Case Law: Coverage from 1865 onwards, including full text of the ICLR’s Law Reports, the English Reports, and many of Sweet & Maxwell’s specialized series including the Criminal Appeal Reports, as well as access to unreported cases. Legislation: full text of consolidated Public General Acts 1267 onwards and Statutory Instruments 1948 onwards (i.e. based on legislation in force 1991 and incorporating all subsequent Acts and SIs), Local Acts 1991 onwards, and current, prospective and historical versions of Statutes and SIs. Also includes all Acts and Measures created by the devolved Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly & Welsh Assembly; Scottish & Welsh SIs 1999 onwards; Northern Ireland Statutory Rules 1991 onwards and Northern Ireland Orders in Council 1972 onwards. Journals: full text access to over 60 legal journals published by Sweet and Maxwell and access to the Legal Journals Index. European Union: access to treaties, legislation, case law, parliamentary questions and the OJ C series. There is also a news database covering a variety of national, regional and international newspapers.