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Pupil Training Session May 2024

On 15 May Library staff ran a refresher session for new pupils. The event was held via Zoom so that pupils not based in London would be able to attend.

This session has been run for several years now; it aims to help pupils as they start the next stage in their careers.

Library staff recognise that the Bar course is very intense, and it is hard to retain what has been taught at qualifying sessions. This is particularly true of legal research: putting into practice what has been learnt may not happen until pupillage starts, and by then life can be very stressful given the inevitable tight deadlines.

We go over the basics of legal research, and progress to more advanced topics that we know pupils often encounter. These include finding parliamentary materials, looking for historic versions of legislation, and finding precedent documents.

The session was well received, and feedback was good. Pupils were reminded that they can book a one-to-one session if there are any areas they want to focus on.

Any member can book a one-to-one session by contacting We will try to organize a session to fit the individual’s needs and at a suitable time.